About Us

Welcome to our Centre

The CHB SPCA was first established in 1989 by Colleen Adams. The shelter was situated at her house until 1993 when it was moved to its current location.

Kitten Enclosures: Kittens are housed in the main building where we have 6 kitten modules that ideally house 6 kittens each but can be stretched to house more if need be. We also have the Nursery for sick kittens or mothers due to give birth. When kitten season is in full swing we often have cages set up in the kitchen as well for small litters until room becomes available for them elsewhere.
The Manor: Outside we have the Manor, the Chalet and the Annex. The Manor is usually used for young cats but during the kitten season we use it to house some of the older kittens. It has four modules that can be separated off from the main area which is great for integrating new cats in with the others. It can hold up to 16 cats.
The Chalet: is used for housing our older cats. It is one large room which everyone shares and an outside play area. The cats have a couch and chairs to laze about on as well a makeshift tree to climb. It can hold 10 cats comfortably.
The Annex: is where unsociable or timid cats are kept. It is also sometimes used to keep sick adult cats away from the others. It has 6 separate rooms and a small hallway type area at the front. This is also where resident cat Amber stays (otherwise she eats everything in sight).
Dog Kennels: Out the back we have our dog kennels, as well as the council pound kennels. We have 6 of our own kennels as well as 4 large exercise pens and 1 extra large pen out on the lawn. Our dogs all get half kennels in summer and full kennels in winter filled with kindly donated woolly clothing.
Pound Kennels: There are 4 pound kennels on site and 1 DD kennel (Dangerous Dog). Pound dogs are bought in by David Stiles, our animal control officer and cared for by the staff at the shelter.
Security Officers: Our security officer Chopper sleeps on site in his comfy apartment building, which is situated next to the kennels. Pictured here with Genta RIP on the left.
Grounds: At the CHB SPCA we are so lucky to have wonderful grounds for our dogs to run around in.