Remember Your Pets
When making or changing your Will, please remember your pets. Family and friends often do not know what to do with your pet once you are gone. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to care for your pet after your lifetime, ask your lawyer to specify this in your Will. Otherwise you can specify that The Central Hawkes Bay Branch Of The Royal New Zealand Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Incorporated (CHB SPCA)will become the new owner of your pet when you can no longer care for it. The CHB SPCA staff will do their best to re-home your animal within its best interests.

Now is the time to prepare your Will to ensure your wishes are honoured to provide for your pets and to help the animals in your community after you are gone. By leaving a legacy to the Central Hawke’s Bay SPCA you will be assisting a charity that meets these aspirations of reducing animal abandonment and abuse.

To specify the CHB SPCA in your Will you should seek the assistance of a Trustee (such as the Public Trust or NZ Guardian Trust) or your family solicitor.

To ensure the wording in your Will accurately describes your intentions; the following clause should be included:

“I give, free of all duties,


Percentage/Fraction/Dollars (of my estate): _________________________________
OR description of the property given: ______________________________________
OR the following amount (in words): ______________________________________
to The Central Hawkes Bay Branch Of The Royal New Zealand Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Incorporated, for the general purposes of the Society, and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or other appointed officer of the Society, shall be full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.”
Updating your Will... You don't need a new will. You can simply add a clause known as a "Codicil" to include a bequest to the Central Hawke’s Bay SPCA (CC29026). A Codicil, once witnessed, signed and returned to your solicitor, is a formal addition to the principal Will and allows for simple adjustments to be made if required.

CHB SPCA is registered charity number CC29026 with the NZ Charities Commission.

Let Us Know
If you choose to make a bequest to the CHB SPCA in your Will, please let us know e-mail or 06 858 8933 or in person as we would love to meet our special supporters.

Thank You for Your Support.