One SPCA National Amalgamation

November 1st 2017 is a very exciting development for the SPCA in New Zealand when the SPCAs around New Zealand will amalgamate to form one national organisation.

This will create a unified and future-focused national SPCA, with staff and volunteers in Central Hawke’s Bay and across New Zealand working together to help prevent cruelty to animals.

The decision to move to one SPCA was made after two years of discussions and consultation with centres across the country. Our previous structure was not sustainable or fit-for-purpose and as one SPCA we can achieve more for our country’s most vulnerable animals than we could as a fragmented organisation.

Going forward we will be able to do more to prevent cruelty to animals in New Zealand. We will have one strategy and one voice and will be able to develop a stronger SPCA Inspectorate. But the focus of our SPCA here in Central Hawke’s Bay won’t change: we will continue to help animals in need and support our communities.